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hello, i can use this in a educational project? 

Is it necessary to give credits?

Yes, you can use them in education projects and must give appropriate credit as shown on the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.


Hey, Crusenho!

I like your Hologram theme and would like to use it in the game I'm developing now, but when I choose the full version - there's only PayPal option to pay with, is it possible to buy the full pack with card payment?


I think you can use debit card or credit card through Paypal, there is an option inside after you click the Paypal icon. It’s going to ask whether you want to log in with Paypal account or pay with card instead, click pay with card and maybe it will work. Please let me know if you succeed.

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Hey and thanks for quick response!

I tried to click the PayPal button, but there are only 2 options then: login to PayPal or create a new PayPal account... 

I am sorry to hear that, it is unfortunate not to able to use cards due to a restricted region or not being supported yet in my country. Perhaps in another alternative, you also can find my asset pack here at and try to check if their site transaction supports card payment.


Thanks for the information!

I just bought the pack using my girlfriend PayPal and started to enjoy it :)

And a small question: could you please explain me button animation/states a bit more? The lock state - what you design to use it for (it doesn't look like disabled for me)? 

Best Regards!

Thank you for purchasing my pack I am glad you enjoyed it.

The button animation comes with three behaviors, pressed, locked, and unlocked. You can check them inside the Aseprite file (need the Aseprite software) on the Tag names to see which one they are and what they do. Or you can check their names inside the Sprites folder too. The lock state has 2 types, locked and released, when you use them inside your engine, do not loop them but instead play it once so it will stay still at the last frame.

And what if I bought your asset on this site ( because I had the same problem, that I didn't have PayPal, and could only pay through a bank card. If you update the asset in the future and add new content to it, will the updated version be available for download from this site or will I have to buy it again?

Yes, I will update the new version as well on the GameDevMarket same as in and I think you won't need to pay again for future updates, you can redownload again on that site to get the latest version. But keep in mind, whenever I update my pack to the newer version on GameDevMarket will put on hold on my request for a review, so therefore the update won't be the same day published as in (usually takes a day or several days).

Thank you for bringing this up, In my next update I will try to help share this product link (from GDM) to here ( for those who don't have Paypal.


I plan on publishing my game's source code and art assets. From the license, it sounds like I'll be okay as long as I include a link to this page, but there's the possibility of someone lifting the assets from my game instead of buying them. Would it be fine if I just add a README file asking people not to?


As shown in the license, you are able to share and redistribute my assets, but it will be nice and appreciated if you could include my product link or credit my name inside your game’s credits section or the README file.

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Does either version contains a tutorial on how to use each component in unity ?

Unfortunately there is no tutorials inside both version, I apologize for the inconvenient. I will consider making one in the future update. In the meantime, I can suggest finding them in YT on how to use Sprites and UI stuff.


No problem! That would be an insane addition to the pack. I will consider the pack anyway, I would love to use the holo theme :)


Thanks for the feedback, I will remember your suggestion.

On another note, I really appreciate the fact that you take time responding to every comment and taking suggestions from them. Keep up the good work !!!

Thanks WooDooWooDa 😁👍


Wow, your UI is amazing.


Thank you 😁, which theme do you like?


thanks for letting me know, it will helped me for future updates.


bro,where can i download the  toriko font?

The Toriko font is inside the pack full version.

thx dude

Your welcome, if you need anything just let me know :)

Hi Thank you I will use it in my game,


Thank you for your support :)


I used your incredible art and added you to the credits section :>

Thank you so much for using my assets :D


These assets look so good! I really love them! I bought the full version and used the "paper" flavor in my game. You can check it out here:

Thank you for making these amazing asset packs!

Thank you for your support, I appreciate you were telling me you like the paper theme, it really helps the project grows even more If I can hear people interest in it. I checked your project, it’s looking really nice! Strategy fighting bugs game? That’s unique. Keeping up the good work.

Thank you again for your awesome work. This asset pack looks so good!

can i use it for commercial projets ?

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Yes you can use for personal work and commercial projects.

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I haven't used it yet but it looks amazing. I am currently making a 3D indie horror game, in the game you can access computers, and some computers will have mini games to play, and I am going to use these sprite packs for some of the mini games.

That is interesting, what is the theme of your mini games you want to use? Perhaps it could be an inspiration for me.

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I have a couple of ideas. I found some assets on itch for PS1 type games so an original doom parody was one of my ideas. For that I was thinking the metallic theme. Another idea was a strategy game where you place different kinds of units like tanks soldiers and other  military types for this I thought your paper or wooden themes. And the last idea was a futuristic rouge-like using pixel art. This one I think should be the hologram theme.

Ok that’s nice I will keep that in mind.


Hello, I've recently purchased the Complete GUI Essential Pack, and I must say that I am absolutely in love with the glass theme! The aesthetic is fantastic, and it has been a pleasure to work with.

I have a small request though: would it be possible to add a plus and minus sign to the glass theme? It would be really helpful for my project, and I believe it could be a valuable addition to the pack for others as well.

Thank you for creating such an amazing asset pack, and I'm looking forward to any updates or additions you might make in the future!


Hi again! I just realized that I forgot to mention another small request in my previous comment. It would be fantastic if you could also add a toggle button to the glass GUI set. I believe it would be a great addition to the pack. Thanks again for your amazing work!

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Hi, thank you for the feedback, yes sure I will create the additional designs as your requested and I will put it on my next update content. But it might take a while for me to do the whole update with other designs, if this is very urgent you can send me a direct message on my Twitter and I can send you the requested design early.


Hi, version 2.2 is just released and the toggle button that you requested has been added inside. Enjoy!


Awesome, just when I thought about my RTS idea I find this. 

My game takes inspiration from Empire Earth 2 but it will be 2D and include time travel and fantasy elements, lots of customizations and possibility to import your own sprites as a player. 

If my project takes place, and it becomes big, I'll make sure to let you know and give you a big donation.

Also, will you make more themes? 


Hi, thank you so much for the support and yes I will do more themes in the future. Currently, I am very busy with another project and not available to update new content here, I apologize for the delay. I will immediately continue to do more once I have finished my other work, and thanks again for reminding me.

Your feedback becomes my inspiration and motivation, I thank you for telling me about your project goal, and I will take notes on those ideas.


This is amazing I am polishing my game using these and will soon buy premium I need that glass flat panel looks dope:

Thank you for using my artwork, I hope you are doing great in finishing your game. Feel free to leave a feedback in the form I made if you are interested, it will help future contents of this project.


Of course you are amazing


Impressionante esse asset pack. Assim que tiver dinheiro com certeza eu vou comprar

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Thank you for letting me know, I look forward to it :)


Can you please add the ability to pay via stripe? PayPal is not available to me. This UI kit looks really awesome, and I would like to buy it.


Thank you for taking an interest in my asset pack but unfortunately, Stripe is currently not supported in my Country (Indonesia) yet in I will try to upload and sell it in another Marketplace (such as at Gamedev Market) for other alternative payment methods, but then it will going to cost more due to the commission rate. I will let you know in this comment section once I have set up a new store in GDM.


Thank you very much, that would really help a lot. Even considering the commission, I think your kit is worth it

Hi, great news! my asset pack gets accepted by GDM and now it's LIVE!.

You can purchase it through this link:

Please let me know if you are able to choose a different payment method other than Paypal and succeed in it, I think GDM accepts credit/debit cards as well.

Noted that, the pack costs $5 due to a 30% commission fee for GDM.

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Hi, it has been a while but I wanted to tell you something. You can actually pay with a debit/credit card if you don't have a Paypal account. Just click the button pay with Paypal and it will direct you to a new page, below that page there is another button that says pay with a debit card instead and hopefully, this also can be another solution for you too. By the way, I just found out this today and I thought about your case, cheers :)


Thanks for the notification, sorry I couldn't reply sooner, I already managed to buy your kit on with the help of a friend from another country. Thanks again, your kit is great!


That's great to hear, if you have any questions about the files in the kit please do let me know, I will help whenever I can :)


The license you link to is not the ND license, I believe this is the correct license:

Thanks for correcting my mistake, I have fixed it.


Excellent work! I would love to see a theme inspired by the architecture of the Romans, I think that would be unique on itch!

Thanks for the feedback! Wow I have never thought about that idea, I will keep that in mind.


does the cursor come with the pack?

I am sorry I think I forgot to include it inside the pack, I would put it in the next update then. Also, I think it's a great idea, there will be a whole collection only for cursor designs.



Hi, I have a new update that is included the cursor. Now it has even more cursor designs. Please re-download it to get the new contents.


Hello, I have rated this beautiful asset right away with 5 stars :-) . I used your graphics for my project:

Thank you for your support, I am glad to hear it 😁👍🏻.


Hi, I am interested in the hologram UI and I don't see it in the package as a PNG. Is it in Aseprite format?  :)

I  apologize for the inconvenience, unfortunately the separate sprite version as a PNG is not available in all themes at the moment (current version) except the pumpkin theme. But in the meantime, you still can export it inside the Aseprite file, to get every single sprite separately as a PNG. Probably I should reconsider again in the next update, adding the PNG folder in every theme.

Hi, a new update is here and included individual sprites for every UI. Please re-download it to get more new contents.


With the Free version, does that allow use in commercial video games, or is that paid only?


Yes you are free to use it for personal or commercial project from both free and paid version 👍🏻

Hello, since I bought it, can I know please what links need to provide about copyright? Can you tell me it please

Do you mean this License link?

Just this I have to put?

Wait I don’t quite understand your meaning, what should you placing? Do you mean the link to credit my artwork?

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Hello! I am using your art in one of our games. Its a card game and we are using one of your paper backgrounds for the cards. Are we allowed to change the color of the paper to red / blue / green / etc without breaking your license? I can DM you a picture if you'd like. Thanks!

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Yes you can freely change everything and won’t break the license as long as not reselling the asset pack. You can use the original and modified version for personal and commercial in your games. Thanks for the support and bring this to attention, if you still need new UI please let me know :)

Thanks a bunch! Appreciate the quick response and allowing us to do this. Love your art! 


Hi Crusenho.

My game uses your assets. Just released on GooglePlay this morning, search for "Little Dinosaur,Knights&Apples". Thank you for your awesome assets.

Thank you for supporting my work, I have checked your game and it looks pretty cool! congrats on launching the game!


Hello! I used this pack in a game I made recently, thank you so much for creating it!

Here is the game:


Thank you so much for using my asset pack! I feel honored and glad someone is using my art, I noticed that your game is a horror theme and I get inspired. I might have an idea that maybe I will create a horror theme in the future update. If you have a suggestion theme perhaps you want to use, feel free to share your thoughts :)


Hey, I am working on a game set in a magical cave world. Suggestion: a darker variant of the wood theme, I would love that! Maybe darker blue/violet ( I will buy your pack regardless, it looks amazing! ) - Have a nice day.

Thanks for the suggestion, the idea sounds interesting. I will consider it in the next update.


That will be amazing!


Thanks for awesome assets. I used it in my game and give you credit.Thanks!

I am glad to hear it thank you.


I may have misunderstood the license terms. It appears the CC BY 4.0 license negates the additional condition "You are not allowed to resell this assets pack in any medium or format".

I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

Thank you for the clarity, I will look into it and update a new license 🙏🏻😊


Hello I was planning to buy your pixel artwork. But before that, I want to ask if I need pay again every time there is an update.

There is no need to pay again for new update and shouldn’t be, but if there is an issue to ask you to pay twice or extra you should report to me immediately so I would go check and fix it. I didn’t remove the original file when I reupload a new update and overwrite it, so it should be always stay the same file but with newer version. *(new update v1.3 is on the way)



I think there something wrong with the asset download, because I clicked to get the free package but in the download page I could download the full version too.

Thank you so much for reminding me, I forgot to put the price tag. You are a life saver! 🙏🏻😇


You may want to put the minimum download price to $3.50. I accidentally paid for this twice in order to get the full version because there are two tiers for some reason.

I apologize for the inconvenience, It might confuse you but actually the $2 is just a suggestion for donation without getting anything, only $3.5 can get the asset because it has reach the minimum price to get a paid asset. Therefore because of this misunderatanding, I will change the donate suggestion to $3.5 to avoid double payment. Thank you for bringing this up!


Is it posible to also receive all the individual elements not packed together?

You can slice into individual by using 9 slice method in Unity, otherwise it will take a lot of time to export each elements. But thanks for the feedback I will keep that in mind.


This is amazing! Nice work!

Thank you so much sir🧐